Top 10 Reasons to Start Eating Nutritious Superfood Hemp Today

Planet Based Foods highlights why this sustainable, nutrient-rich, superfood is gaining popularity and popping up on restaurant menus

As more people warm up to the idea of a plant-based diet, this plant is not only good for you, it’s also good for the planet. Packed with nutrients and easily harvested, hemp is poised to become a meal-time game changer.

So why make hemp part of your diet?
1.    Hemp seeds contain heart healthy omega-3s and omega-6
2.    High in protein
3.    High in fiber
4.    Rich in phytonutrients
5.    Gluten free, soy free and easily digestible
6.    Contains more essential fatty acids than flax or any other nut or seed oil
7.    Contains essential Amino Acids
8.    Hemp replenishes the soil with more nutrients than it takes to grow
9.    Hemp plants are naturally pest-resistant so there’s no need for pesticides or herbicides
10.    Hemp plants mature within months and can produce crops year after year

Since 2019, Planet Based Foods, has been focused on transforming hemp protein into plant-based meat. The company recently announced the US debut of the first plant-based meat featuring hemp as the primary ingredient.

“Our mission at Planet Based Foods is to educate the world about the incredible potential hemp has as a food source. It’s an untapped natural resource that delivers unmatched nutrition,” said Braelyn Davis, CEO and co-founder of Planet Based Foods. “Many meat alternatives on the market are high in sodium, saturated fats and are highly processed negating their nutritional value. We’re different. Planet Based Foods offers unmatched nutrition that’s as delicious as it is healthy.”

Apart from being a healthy choice, hemp scores high points with Mother Nature. Davis describes hemp as an ingredient that is nutrient dense, perceived as clean and sourced sustainably.

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