Torigen Expands Histopathology Services Through Strategic Partnership with Vidium Animal Health

Comprehensive specialty services will lead to more accurate diagnoses in companion animals

Torigen Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a commercial-stage animal health biologics company, today announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Vidium Animal Health® to offer veterinarians a full spectrum of services from diagnosis to treatment. Vidium Animal Health combines extensive expertise in veterinary cancer pathology with genomic diagnostic testing to bring unparalleled advanced cancer diagnostics to veterinary medicine.

This strategic partnership enhances Torigen’s ability to provide advanced cancer care solutions for companion animals. Torigen offers an experimental autologous cancer immunotherapy that is created from a surgically resected portion of tumor tissue. A definitive cancer diagnosis is necessary for Torigen to create the individualized therapy. The combination of Vidium’s industry leading oncopathologists with Torigen’s expert veterinary oncologists provides veterinarians with a precise diagnosis and an innovative cancer treatment plan.

“We are excited to offer Vidium’s unparalleled cancer diagnostic services to our veterinary clients,” said Ashley Kalinauskas, CEO and co-founder of Torigen Pharmaceuticals. “The veterinary oncology industry is in desperate need of innovative solutions, and this partnership aligns diagnostics and genomics with therapeutics to provide novel treatment options for pets with cancer.”

Every year, nearly ten million companion animals are diagnosed with cancer. Torigen’s mission is to provide innovative and cost-effective cancer treatments options to veterinarians and their clients.

“Vidium is thrilled to have the opportunity to provide comprehensive specialty pathology services to Torigen’s clients,” said Derick Whitley, DVM, DACVP, Vidium Animal Health Vice President of Strategy, Innovation, and Diagnostics. “An accurate diagnosis with relevant prognostic pathology data is crucial to forming the cancer therapy plan. It’s been evident in our conversations with Torigen that they care deeply about building that plan on a quality foundation, and we look forward to working closely with them.”

About Torigen’s Autologous Cancer Vaccine:
Torigen produces a personalized autologous prescription product for dogs, cats, and horses that uses the animal’s own tumor cells to create an immunotherapy from a surgically resected portion of a tumor that can be used alone or in combination with chemotherapy and radiation. Torigen’s autologous prescription product is an experimental product regulated by the USDA Center of Veterinary Biologics under 9 CFR 103.3.

Torigen’s autologous prescription product is an active immunotherapy consisting of cells harvested from the patient’s own tumor. This whole cell tumor vaccine is generated by a patented method to preserve cellular material and tumor associated antigens, and then mixed them with immune stimulating adjuvants. The objective is to increase activation of tumor-specific T-cells resulting in an enhanced ability of the pet’s immune system to destroy cancer cells, stop or slow the growth of cancer cells, or delay cancer metastasis.

About Torigen Pharmaceuticals Inc:
Torigen is a spin-out from the University of Notre Dame and backed by Werth Family Investment Associates, Connecticut Innovations, Emerald Development Partners, The University of Connecticut, The University of Notre Dame, SoGal Ventures, Gaingels, and other prominent investors.

With over 50% of all dogs over the age of 10 dying from cancer, Torigen is dedicated to providing affordable and effective cancer care solutions for all companion animals. Torigen recognizes the instrumental role pets play in our families and is determined to extend the lives of companion animals despite a cancer diagnosis.

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About Vidium Animal Health:
Vidium Animal Health, a subsidiary of Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) part of City of Hope, is committed to advancing the understanding of disease to give pets the fullest lives possible. The company provides diagnostic tests to veterinary oncologists, general practitioners, and pet parents, and is passionate about identifying the genetic components of common and complex diseases, including cancer. Vidium was built on a foundation of unimpeachable science and is led by a knowledgeable and experienced team with extensive veterinary and clinical genomic roots. For more information, visit: Follow Vidium on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter @vidiumah.

About TGEN, part of City of Hope:
Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to conducting groundbreaking research with life-changing results. TGen is part of City of Hope, a world-renowned independent research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes, and other life-threatening diseases: This precision medicine affiliation enables both institutes to complement each other in research and patient care, with City of Hope providing a significant clinical setting to advance scientific discoveries made by TGen. TGen is focused on helping patients with neurological disorders, cancer, diabetes, and infectious diseases through cutting-edge translational research (the process of rapidly moving research toward patient benefit). TGen physicians and scientists work to unravel the genetic components of both common and complex rare diseases in adults and children. Working with collaborators in the scientific and medical communities worldwide, TGen makes a substantial contribution to help our patients through the efficiency and effectiveness of the translational process. For more information, visit: Follow TGen on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter @TGen.

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