Trade Algo Launches Suite of Enterprise Algorithms For Retail Traders

Trade Algo offers market data API distribution and management solutions for financial services, and today announced Trade Algo Enterprise algorithms, a complete set of real-time cloud technologies for managing market data.

With Trade Algo Enterprise, the algorithms run on a cloud-based analytics architecture, which currently supports approximately 250 data sources covering nearly a 1.3million listings. Retail investors and financial institutions now have access to similar style algorithms as Blackrock, Jane Street, and Goldman Sachs.

Trade Algo’s algorithms are built exclusively for the cloud, rather than trying to “lift and shift” their monolithic platforms.

Trade Algo’s Enterprise algorithms are vendor-independent and can be applied to any data set, including proprietary data or data licensed from vendors such as FactSet, Bloomberg, Morningstar, Forbes, and several others.

VP of Engineering Bob Smith said, “We are thrilled to launch Trade Algo Enterprise algorithms, which we believe will revolutionize market data and analytics.”

“Over 80 years of the collective experience and nonstop innovation have led us to the point where we are able to license enterprise-level real-time algorithms to retail investors. The cloud architecture we have created is similar to that used by some of the world’s largest financial institutions, but we have scaled it up to meet the needs of individual investors by integrating and optimizing it in an efficient and cost-effective way.

Investors no longer need to be second fiddle to hedge funds – instead, they can use our algorithms and real-time data to secure the same benefits enjoyed by institutions for generations.

We are a leading vendor offering users a set of market data management algorithms they can combine and match to create a comprehensive, infinitely scalable cloud-based trading solution that meets their analytics needs. “These new offerings are crucial to the future of market data, and we are delighted to once again play a key role in the analytics services industry’s continued digital disruption of legacy products.”

About Trade Algo

Trade Algo simplifies investing analytics. With its AWS-based financial data distribution and market data algorithm solutions, it is a recognized leader in disrupting the financial market data category. Trade Algo’s Market Data Cloud platform allows retail and institutional investors full visibility into complex algorithms used by advanced quants. With more than 250+ Cloud APIs, it offers real-time, delayed, and historical pricing data for financial data-driven robo-advisors, online media sites, and retail investors.

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