transcosmos develops and releases DEC Visual IVR equipped with AI-recommended FAQs as a new standard feature

The solution successfully reduced incoming calls via Visual IVR at Benesse Corporation’s customer center by 6.6%

TOKYO, JAPAN, SEPTEMBER 05, 2022 – transcosmos inc. is proud to announce that its DEC Visual IVR has reduced incoming call volume via visual interactive voice response (IVR) by 6.6% from before at a customer contact center of Benesse Corporation. (Headquarters: Okayama, Japan; Representative Director and President, CEO: Hitoshi Kobayashi). DEC Visual IVR is transcosmos’s IVR solution that comes with an AI-powered feature designed to reduce call volumes. Building on this success, transcosmos will deliver DEC Visual IVR equipped with AI-recommended FAQs as a standard feature to many more clients.

DEC Visual IVR comes with basic features of visual IVR; visually presenting FAQs and other necessary information for users to solve their problems as well as contact channel menus including phone, chat and LINE on users’ mobiles. On top of this, the service offers AI-recommended FAQs as a new standard feature. With the power of AI, it automatically presents the optimum FAQs for each user before they make inquiries. With the service, businesses can boost self-service completion rate – a common challenge many of them face. What’s more, with the right FAQs suggested by the AI, users can readily find the information they need, thereby reducing call volumes at customer centers while promoting the self-service option.
transcosmos has deployed DEC Visual IVR to Benesse Corporation’s customer contact center ahead of others, replacing the existing visual IVR solution. As a result, more users clicked FAQs presented by the AI, and visited suggested FAQ pages than before, bringing down incoming call volume via Visual IVR by 6.6%.

With the service, businesses can boost self-service completion rate. What’s more, with the right FAQs suggested by the AI, users can readily find the information they need, thereby reducing call volumes at customer centers while promoting the self-service option.

Case study: DEC Visual IVR with AI-recommended FAQs reduces incoming calls at Benesse Corporation Customer Contact Center

Comments from Mr. R. Tanaka, Contact Center Management Dept., Benesse Corporation

“At first, we weren’t sure if the service would make a difference, but the service achieved solid results. For example, AI-selected FAQs led to a higher click-through rate than the static FAQs we have been using before. Now we realize that this project was significantly valuable for us in enhancing customer self-service capabilities and their satisfaction. As we plan to deploy the service to wider areas, we will continue to enhance the level of service quality and customer satisfaction. We appreciate your continuous assistance to achieve our goal.”

Distinctive features of DEC Visual IVR

On top of the AI-recommended FAQ feature – one of the distinctive features of DEC Visual IVR where AI automatically presents the right FAQs based on the users’ web browsing history prior to visiting the service – it is equipped with a feature that allows users to connect to other chat channels. DEC Visual IVR drives users with simple inquiries to chat channels, making it easier for users to solve their problems, while enabling businesses to manage chat services efficiently. Ultimately, DEC Visual IVR helps businesses streamline agents’ duties and drive down operational costs.

  • Key features

Question menu management
Wait-time/Queue status display
Emergency notification display
Switch to non-business hours display
Channel connect (phone, chat, chatbot, FAQ, video chat)
AI-recommended FAQs

  • Pricing

Initial price: starts at \1.9 million Monthly charge: starts at \200,000 * We will prepare a quotation as per your system requirements.

  • Pre-implementation period

From 1.5 months * We will develop an estimated time as per your system requirements.

Building on its technological capabilities to develop AI solutions and platforms tailored to client needs, transcosmos will continue to assist clients in providing pleasant support services for their users while enabling clients to manage customer inquiries efficiently. To achieve these goals, transcosmos is committed to back clients in solving all kinds of challenges they may face in operating their contact centers.

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