transcosmos Sets Up a Dedicated Booth For Its Home-Based Contact Center Support Desk

Solves information security challenges and drives its initiative to its make home-based contact centers as a regular business model

transcosmos inc. hereby announces that the company has set up and launched a dedicated booth for support desks for its home-based contact centers with the aim of further spreading such centers. With the support desk, transcosmos offers a wide range of support services on overall home-based operations. Specifically, the company has enhanced its information security management function to address security related challenges that home-based contact centers face, provides helpdesk services to assist home-based agents in solving issues related to PCs and accessories, and helps supervisors manage agent performance. Ultimately, the support desk will guarantee stable home-based contact center operations.

■ Making home-based contact centers a regular model to ensure BCP and to offer cost advantages
Today, transcosmos home-based contact center network has expanded to as many as a total of 13,000 workstations – 3,000 in Japan and 10,000 overseas. Ensuring BCP in times of emergency, the network underpins clients’ contact centers, and offers lifeline services for consumers.

Making home-based operations a regular service model in Japan, transcosmos focuses on creating and offering an additional value for clients such as reducing physical center facilities, providing cost advantages, and solving hiring challenges induced by a shrinking workforce, and more. In Marketing Chain Management Center Ikebukuro EAST, transcosmos has opened a dedicated booth for its support desk designed for its home-based contact centers that launched last year. By enhancing support desk functions, transcosmos will help reduce on-site supervisors’ workload and assist agents, as well as accumulate know-how of managing home-based operations. Ultimately, transcosmos will spur home-based operations whilst maintaining the same level of services as the center-based operations with a stable performance.

■ Home-based contact center support desk functions
1. Security management
The support desk prevents security incidents by collecting and monitoring operating system logs and screen captures. In addition, the desk guarantees secure operations with alerts by detecting spoofing with smartphone-based detection devices.

2. Performance management
All kinds of performance data related to home-based services such as calls and network accesses collected across Japan are accumulated and managed centrally, enabling smooth home-based operations.

3. IT helpdesk
The IT helpdesk assists home-agents in solving issues and using their PCs, accessories and tools. The helpdesk helps agents solve problems swiftly and reduce supervisors’ workloads.

■ Systems to help drive home-based operations
In the dedicated booth, large monitors and projectors show performance data collected via various tools so that members can visually monitor home-agents’ operational status, and ensure stable operations. transcosmos also offers booth tours with demonstrations on cloud voice tools and cutting-edge AI-powered digital services.

■ Webinar on home-based contact centers
transcosmos will hold a webinar “Home-based contact center — a key to boost CX –” on Friday, May 27, 2022 (no translation available).
Highlight: Why home-based contact centers lift CX?
                Recipe for success in security/operational management at home-based contact centers
                transcosmos home-based contact centers underpins “a laser focus on day-to-day operations”
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