Turning Point of Tampa Gets International Recognition for their Work

A Family Owned Facility in Tampa Florida Gets National Recognition

Turning Point of Tampa is a family-owned facility focused on helping those who want to recover from alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or a dual diagnosis such as an eating disorder and substance abuse.

Successful patients who have lasting recovery from drug or alcohol addiction and eating disorders is how this addiction treatment center is known.

Turning Point of Tampa was informed by a couple from Germany who was familiar with their addiction treatment programs, that they heard “Turning Point of Tampa” on a German news program.

Great damage to US companies: the expensive addiction of workers

Correspondent Julia Kastein wrote the article “Great damage to US companies: the expensive addiction of workers” after listening to “The Point is Recovery” podcast. The article is featured under the business section, world economy and discusses the addiction problem in the United States.

Taggeschau picked up a recent podcast episode. Episode 10 with Mark Davis, LCSW. This podcast was focused on Employee Assistance Programs.

Sometimes the affected colleague is on the cover of the employee magazine: as employee of the month. I have treated such people with serious addiction problems,” says the therapist. Mark offered great information about the actual toll and costs that addiction has on the workforce in the United States.

The Taggeschau news report also mentions host Ashley Hall Neal and her experience working in the hospitality industry while abusing drugs & alcohol. Ashley has now been sober 15 years.

Turning Point of Tampa on the Number One News Program in Germany

Learning that Turning Point is featured online in Germany is fantastic,” said Robin Piper, CEO. “The topic of Employee Assistance Programs is vital to the US workforce, and it is amazing how Ashley’s story touches people all over the globe.”

“Taggeschau,” translated in English means “Daily News” and the Taggeschau news program is the number one news program in Germany. Taggeschau news program is also streamed worldwide online.

The Point is Recovery Podcast

Turning Point of Tampa hosts “The Point is Recovery Podcast“. This podcast is dedicated to carrying the hope and message of recovery, not only to those suffering from addiction but to educate the community and other addiction treatment providers.

Addiction treatment providers like Turning Point of Tampa are committed to those seeking help and their family members find recovery.

Need for ongoing support for eating disorders and substance abuse

The need for ongoing support for eating disorders and substance abuse as well as support for both commonly referred to as “co occurring disorders” is vital for patients and family members.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Many clients seeking recovery will ask a family member for help. People redefine themselves in recovery. Our staff members offer services on our property which is one campus.

Beginning with intensive outpatient programs can be the starting point or the last stop in the continuum of care. Group therapy addressing dual diagnosis, eating disorders, or substance abuse are crucial in the treatment process.

The Joint Commission

Turning Point of Tampa is accredited by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission is an organization that holds accountable addiction treatment providers by measuring and assessing from an objective evaluation process the standards of how an organization functions.

Florida Department of Children and Families

Alongside the Joint Commission accreditation is the Florida Department of Children and Families licensure. Turning Point of Tampa is a licensed substance abuse residential treatment program and day treatment program. In addition, they offer intensive outpatient treatment and an aftercare program.

Finding Addiction Treatment and Addiction Medicine at Turning Point of Tampa

At Turning Point of Tampa, they address clinical disorders such as an eating disorder, a substance use disorder, and co-occurring disorders. Addiction medicine is offered by our Medical Director.

Turning Point of Tampa is one of very few addiction treatment providers that offer patient services and support covered by in-network insurance benefits.

Medical Director and Clinical Director

Under the guidance of their Medical Director Dr. Singh, and CEO/Clinical Director Robin Piper, Turning Point of Tampa is committed to providing high quality, 12-Step based addiction and eating disorder programs that are affordable and effective.

Turning Point of Tampa strive on a daily basis to offer their men and women clients and their family members safety in a high quality drug rehab facility to address any illness or health concerns.


For more information about Turning Point of Tampa, contact the company here:

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