Twelve Board Store Shares Guide to Caring for and Storing Snowboard Gear at the End of the Season

As the 2022 snow season draws to a close, it's important to properly store and protect snowboard gear to ensure it's ready for the beginning of next season.

According to leading Melbourne snowboards retailer Twelve Board Store, caring for and storing gear properly at the end of the season will not only ensure it is ready to go when the season starts again but it will also extend the life of the equipment. 

Twelve Board Store says the most important thing to do is remove any dirt from snowboard boots and then take the insoles out and put them outside in the sun to ensure they are dry. Adding a shoe powder prior to storing will also stop them from getting smelly in storage.

Properly cleaning goggles and lenses is also recommended before putting them away for the season. Prior to storing clothing, it should all be washed and inspected for damage, recommends Twelve Board Store. If there are any holes or other damage, now is the time for repairs. For those with leather snowboard gloves, waxing them at the end of the season will extend their lifespan and keep the leather supple, making them more comfortable to wear.

When it comes to proper care and storage of snowboards, Twelve Board Store suggests removing bindings and checking all movable parts. It’s important to give the board a good clean, removing any dirt, grease and old wax. Check the edges and touch up minor defects with a file. Applying a generous coat of wax to the entire base and edges will protect the board over the summer. As for storage, Twelve Board Store says it’s best to put snowboards in a board bag and store in a dry place that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight.

Now that everything has been properly cared for and stored for next season, it’s time to start planning the next adventure. Twelve Board Store has a great range of snowboard gear currently on sale to help riders get prepared for next season. Visit their website to check out the winter sale today. For more information, call now on 03 9421 2293.

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