Two Scientists Publish Revolutionary Book about Why the Human Body Grows Old

Decades of research lead to new ideas about aging.

Aging is the leading cause of death in the world. Aardsma Research and Publishing– a private research group in central Illinois– has published a new book addressing one of the most pressing questions in science today– why human bodies age and begin to break down after only a few short decades of life.

In the newly published edition of the book Aging: Cause and Cure, a new theory of aging is advanced by a father/son research team. Tackling the age-old problem from an angle unexplored by other scientists today, they arrive at solid and unique conclusions. The robust theory presented in this new book pinpoints two previously unknown vitamins which are missing from human diets today. One of the newly discovered vitamins has recently been patented by the U.S. patent office as a “method for treating aging and/or improving health in a human.”

Gerald Aardsma is a Ph.D. scientist who has spent decades researching human longevity. The book is co-authored by his son Matthew Aardsma, also a Ph.D. scientist, with a background in applied research.

In the face of the suffering and heartbreak of aging, this book sheds light from an unexpected direction. It demonstrates, step by step, pioneering ideas about aging and longevity.

This fascinating new book is available for free download; printed copies are also available.

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