Manufacturing journalist TR Cutler recently reported why the U.S. and Africa are ideal strategic partners in the February issue of Manufacturing Outlook magazine. Cutler sees the powerful Senate Foreign Relations committee testimony by Landry Signé six months ago as evidence to the growing, dynamic, and new relationship with Africa and the U.S. Read more here.

According to Cutler, manufacturers are desperate for labor in the U.S.; African nations have a strong workforce willing to work at a fraction of the America wage structure. While Africa nations vary as much as U.S. states, the pros and cons of this global relationship represents a unique window into the narrative of the American footprint over the next several decades. China has already claimed the title of infrastructure leader for the African continent. It is not too late to improve the relationship. Just as the U.S. was instrumental in advancing health initiatives for HIV in Africa forty years ago, we are doing so now with COVID vaccines. That goodwill buys U.S. industry a gratitude among African nations.

Africa represents tremendous trade and investment potential, along with expanding continental integration and global partnerships.

Landry Signé, Ph.D.is the Executive Director & Professor at Thunderbird School of Global Management as well as a Senior Fellow, Global Economy and Development Program, Africa Growth Initiative, Brookings Institution Member, Regional Action Group on Africa & Global Future Council on Agile Governance, World Economic Forum.

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