Union Theological Seminary Utilizes Asset Software for Better Tracking

Union Theological Seminary uses our Asset Tracking Solution to keep track of their new and important Asset items.

Founded in 1836, Union Theological Seminary (UTS) is the oldest independent seminary in the United States and serves as the birthplace of Black theology, womanist theology, and other theological movements. Once UTS started to renovate one of their dorm buildings, they determined it was necessary to have an Asset Tracking software that could handle their new furniture, IT equipment, and building mechanicals.  In addition to barcode-based tracking, UTS needed a fully configurable software that was also expandable for growth as needed, such as for other buildings on campus.


After discovering ASAP Systems, Union Theological Seminary experienced many benefits including:

  • Training and Support
  • Traceability and Tracking of Items
  • Simple Barcode Solution
  • User-Friendly Interface for All Employees

Our Barcode-Based Asset Tracking Software proved to be the best solution for Union Theological Seminary as they now have a streamlined process for their new dorm building. For both the present and the future, our software will help UTS manage its important assets for more buildings and classrooms to come. Now, valuable resources, like time, can be optimized elsewhere.

Stay tuned for more cutting-edge technology and benefits from ASAP Systems and our Asset Tracking System.

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