US Weekly Releases Top Review on Bulbhead’s Ruby Sliders

Bulbhead’s Ruby Sliders receive a top review from US Weekly on saving floors and furniture.

Ruby Sliders recently received a top review from the Men’s Journal that was picked up by US Weekly. Ruby Sliders is a new invention created to protect and save everyday furniture and floors. With its protective chair leg covers made of top-grade silicone, Ruby Sliders are easy to pop on and off furniture to be used again and again. Men’s Journal claimed Ruby Sliders to be one of the top products every homeowner should add to their house.

US Weekly called Ruby Sliders the one household item that you are probably missing in your daily life.

Ruby Sliders was found to be an overall “win-win solution” for both flooring and furniture. Ruby Sliders is excited to continue to provide homes with grade-A solutions that will last for years to come and protect homes.

“It is rare that sliders fit your furniture and don’t take away from the beauty of the room. It is even rarer that the sliders don’t tarnish after years of dragging your chairs all over the floor. Yet, the Ruby Sliders do all of that and more.” – US Weekly.

Many Ruby Sliders reviews are finding that this product is a necessity in homes.

Ruby Sliders saves homes:

  • Floors and furniture legs
  • Quiet workspaces without floor screeches
  • Low-maintenance solution to floor scuffs

US Weekly points out that Ruby Sliders sell for only $1.49 each, with protecting up to 12 chairs coming out to less than $50. It can come out to be less than 0.99 per unit. Saving customers thousands of dollars on floor repair and new furniture.

US Weekly follows on those notes stating that Ruby Slider’s best feature is they stand the test of time. Ruby Sliders is looking forward to continuing to serve American homes.

About Ruby Sliders
Ruby Sliders are ultra-flexible and conform to any furniture leg size. Try them on fat legs, skinny legs, round or square – you’ll love the universal fit. It even works on metal! Ruby Sliders are perfect for folding chairs when you have extra company. They’ll help protect any type of floor from hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile, and more! Chair legs can mark up your cabinet bottoms. But Ruby Sliders protect cabinets from scratches while keeping your chair legs scuff-free. Don’t be fooled by cheap imitations that don’t last or won’t fit!

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