usmile Announces the Launch of Future One – Its First AI-Powered Sonic Electric Toothbrush with 6 Built-In Chips and 365 Days Battery Life

usmile (a sub-brand of the Stars Pulse Corporation), an Asia-based, all-round oral care brand driven by the mission to enable healthier oral conditions for all, today announced the launch of Future One (F1), its first AI-powered sonic electric toothbrush with six built-in chips and 365 days of battery life for better oral hygiene and personalize brushing.

Created as a joint effort of the usmile R&D team, oral experts, and algorithm engineers, F1 features six built-in smart chipsets and AI algorithms, for cultivating dental-level brushing habits, eligible to users’ oral health conditions.

Personalized and Professional Brushing Experience Empowered by 3 Smart Chips 

The struggle with using a sonic electric toothbrush is not knowing the proper amount of pressure and angle to use, how long each area needs to be brushed, or whether the area has been brushed enough. F1 neatly solves this dilemma, redefining the brushing experience by applying high-tech solutions to common brushing.

The six built-in chips include three smart chips for collecting and analyzing oral cavity data to achieve a smart brushing experience. While brushing too hard, F1 will transmit a red light when excessive force is detected.

With the usmile Oral Care App, users can switch between eight brushing modes with step-less control of the intensity for fully-customized cleaning. The app also allows users to better understand the scope, suggested order, and time they need to stay in each area and saves the data of each 30s+ brushing.

365-Day Consecutive Brushing Enabled by Three Energy-Saving Chips 

In addition to three smart chips, F1 utilizes three high-tech, energy-saving chips, breaking through battery life technology for electric toothbrushes and enabling F1 to last up to 365 days at a frequency of two times/day and two minutes time under low intensity in Soft mode on a full charge.

“usmile has always focused on solving consumers’ pain points. Through functions such as visual guidance and personalization, we hope that F1 can solve problems such as whether the brushing is clean, the force is correct, and the mode is suitable,” said Ramble Chan, Vice President of Stars Pulse, the parent company of usmile.

usmile F1 is available now on Kickstarter with special pricing for early adopters. To learn more, please visit the campaign here:

About usmile 

As part of the Stars Pulse Corporation, usmile offers a comprehensive line of oral care products to refine the dental experience. With a dedicated commitment to delivering ultra-cleanliness through scientific oral care solutions, usmile brightens over 22 million smiles yearly.

About Stars Pulse 

Founded in 2015, Stars Pulse focuses on blending technological advancement and innovative design to deliver integrated healthcare solutions to its customers. With a portfolio of brands, including usmile® and Kitty Annie®, the Stars Pulse community strives to become the global leader in health and beauty care technology.

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