Valux Digital Founder Recognized as Most Influential CEO 2022 by CEO Monthly

Published by AI Global Media, CEO Monthly is a digital publication that is published every month to a circulation of 60,000 CEOs, directors, top-tier decision-makers, and C-suite executives internationally.

Jessica Wong, Founder of the digital marketing and public relations firm Valux Digital, has been recognized as the Most Influential CEO of the Year 2022 (New York, USA) by CEO Monthly magazine.

“It is a pleasure to have been awarded this very prestigious accolade. My sincere appreciation goes out to the Valux Digital team for all their hard work. This is a significant accomplishment for the entire team,” Jessica said.

Jessica is a digital marketing expert and experienced executive with over 20 years of success driving bottom-line results for clients through innovative programs aligned with emerging business strategies. Involved in developing a targeted customer persona and establishing a compelling communication framework to elicit favorable brand perception and messaging.

As a digital expert, Jessica was invited to join Forbes Communications Council and contribute insights to Forbes articles. She also provides business advice to millions of readers as a member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network.

The Women in IT Awards have also named Jessica a finalist for the Digital Leader of the Year in both 2018 and 2020. MARsum USA 2021 has recognized her as one of the Top 100 Marketing & Advertising Leaders. In recognition of her work with Valux Digital, Jessica has been awarded CEO of the Year for 2021 (New York, USA) based on an in-depth review and thorough research.

“Our Most Influential CEO 2022 programme has been designed to bring forward individuals from across the business landscape who have provided influential leadership and are setting standards for the year ahead. As we are proudly not pay-to-play, all of our recipients have been selected by our CEO Monthly in-house research team based on a wide range of comprehensive analysis and criteria. This approach provides us with candidates who are recognized exclusively on merit; giving us the chance to reward their growth, improvements and innovations.” said a representative of CEO Monthly.

Jessica is the mastermind behind Valux Digital, a full-service marketing and public relations firm. Using cutting-edge technology, Jessica and her team helped corporations and startups achieve digital transformation and develop robust data-centric marketing campaigns to increase sales, and brand awareness.

“At Valux, our mission is to provide high-quality digital marketing and PR services for businesses and projects of all shapes and sizes. Our primary objective is to offer scalable and sustainable growth strategies to brands all over the world,” Jessica said.

Valux Digital uses research-driven solutions to help corporates achieve sustainable results. Some of the areas where Valux shines include digital marketing, branding & content development, search engine optimization (SEO), public relations and programmatic media advertising.

“By utilizing data-driven analytics, we strive to create effective, fully-customizable digital marketing campaigns that embrace the future of marketing. It is our goal at Valux to improve efficiency, affordability, rapidity, quality, and – most importantly – results,” Jessica said.

Guided by the principles of quality, efficiency and accountability, Valux Digital tackles projects from inception to completion. The firm is committed to delivering exceptional digital experiences in keeping with the latest trends, with each of the firm’s portfolios standing as a testament to its values and passion.

“Our vision for the future involves providing digital services that are personalized, self-directed, hyperlocal, fully integrated, and at the forefront of technological innovation,” Jessica highlighted.


Valux Digital is a nationally recognized Digital Marketing and Public Relations agency in New York. With over 100 years of combined experience, the award-winning team specializes in developing customized marketing packages for both B2B and B2C businesses with the use of real data. The team is composed of passionate digital marketers and data enthusiasts who focus on results, not just clicks.

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