Vanguard Home Inspection LLC Helps Fight Elder Abuse

Elder abuse in the U.S. is a growing problem, with experts predicting it will worsen as the senior citizen population continues to rise, says Vanguard Home Inspection LLC. One form of abuse is when contractors hired by the elderly fail to make promised repairs or make shoddy repairs in-order to increase their profit margin.

This type of fraudulent practice is presumably predicated on the assumption that the elderly client will “never know” because of physical limitations. As an example, many elderly clients may not be able to get on the roof or in the crawl space to see the results of what they have paid for.

Vanguard Home Inspection LLC is pleased to announce a new initiative to fight this abusive practice. We are now offering FREE inspections of a repaired component, to senior citizens. When a repair is made anywhere in the home, simply contact us with the information about what work was completed and we will inspect it to verify that the work was actually performed and that the correct materials were used. We will inspect the repair according to known standards as understood by the home inspector.

Vanguard Home Inspection LLC was started in 2019 in Louisville, Ky and is now located in Frankfort, Ky. The company was started by Greg McGaha, Ky license #261020, who is the owner and sole operator. Vanguard’s motto is Inspecting Houses, Serving People. This Elder care initiative is an example of that motto in practical application. Greg was inspired by Zig Ziglar’s famous maxim, “You can get anything you want, by helping others get what they want.” As long as this service can be reasonably rendered without impeding other full inspections for profit, we intend to continue it as an expression of goodwill to our community.

Vanguard Home Inspection LLC – Kentucky License # 261020.

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