Walleteum Announces the Launch of the Highly Secured Wallet and Operation System

Recently, Walleteum has announced the launch of its highly secured wallet and operation system, with a smart contract technology that helps users exchange one cryptocurrency for another using a centralized intermediary.

In the past couple of years, we have seen radical changes in the field of technology. Startups have been taking over all across the world and we have seen new inventions that have literally changed the lives of people.

Crypto has been on the rise and so is the technology that plays a supporting role. Walleteum is a highly secure wallet for managing all of users’ crypto assets. With Walleteum, users don’t need specific digital wallets to manage every cryptocurrency separately.

Walleteum is very pleased to announce its secured wallet and operating system backed by a private blockchain network, enabling things to simplify for daily businesses and personal uses.

Walleteum Vision

It is a smart contract technology that helps users exchange one cryptocurrency for another using a centralized intermediary. The Walleteum Operating system and the patented deep-centralized private blockchains network technology aims to change it fundamentally and make it more useful for businesses and everyday life.

These technologies can unite to enhance further security in addition to reducing operating costs and automated business processes. Walleteum is a successful member of the Linux foundation, hyper ledge, and RDS partner Network.

The walleteum allows the user to create an account where they can save all of their sensitive data by private key. This data includes usernames and passwords, credit details, bank accounts details, and any other information they want to add in finally all integration with other networks.

Also according to Bitdotcoin: “The Walleteum token (EUM) based on the Ethereum network is one of the most important high-potential digital currencies introduced for investment.”

The design of the Future

Gone are days when the only way to keep users’ money secured was in a bank account. With the increase in the money variations, there is something new on the horizon. With the doors of cryptocurrency opening on the people, it is taking the people by storm; a considerable percentage of people and investors seem to be taking an interest in investing and becoming financially independent and secure.

All those who worry if their money is safe or not, in 2021, this digital currency is becoming more significant, more powerful, and more secure than ever allowing everyone to keep their assets safe.

It is a cryptocurrency providing instant exchanges and synchronizations with countless decentralized exchanges. It not only can be accessed from anywhere but it makes the cashless world look more flexible and easier to keep an account of the money while spending it as per requirement. The worries of carrying around cash are now far gone.

Online wallet features

The online wallet has a lot of features, making it one of the best choices for people all over the world. These features include cross-chain compatibility, support for multiple devices, whether iOS or Android, support for the hardware, desktop, and mobile wallets. Furthermore, with the support for various blockchains, self-custodial wallets, the app also has a swap feature where users can exchange cryptocurrencies and can generate a wallet free of cost.

People are mostly concerned about how secure the transactions are. The wallet features a highly secure layer. Walleteum uses two NSA-grade cryptographic layers that protect the Keystore and the data.

Bitdotcoin, one of the Walleteum partners, has named EUM Walleteum Token as one of the top 10 investable tokens.

Meet the CEO: Ben Jalilian

Ben Jalilian is the founder of Walleteum Crypto. He is a usersng entrepreneur and a full-stack developer. Ben Jalilian has been working for more than 20 years on managing RD, IT, Programming, with around 9 technology-related patents which are being used in more than 100 Apps.

Ben is also an inventor in the field of mobile technology, blockchain ecosystem, digital marketing, AI, and ERP-related business. Ben has also cofounded BanigigRadiostylo, and Khanecinema (a VOD based blockchain technology) while actively working on the upgrades on the protocols of Walleteum.

“I have the opportunity to interact with engineers, mathematicians and economists sublime in their fields, to aid build business and tools base transparently that already affect tens of millions of users and business around the world.”

He further mentioned that: ‘Building cool ecosystem things hoping to impact millions of lives in the freedom world.”

Ben has been working in the field of IT technology since 2010 with the bootstrapping business. Ben considers himself a crypto enthusiast and has been self-educating on blockchain and cryptocurrency since 2015.

Later in 2017 (aliencamp.com), he was able to launch the first-ever crowdfunding platform with the help of cryptocurrency payment so the entire world could be accessed for contribution. Unfortunately, this effort was not at all supported by the community and had to be eventually stopped after running for 18 months.

Alek Farjandi, the CMO of the Project stated: “I was employed by a company in the field of financial services and banking for more than 10 years. Now I work in the field of crypto and blockchain technology, and I consider it a pristine market with high potential.”

Currently, he is working in the Non-Executive Director role within the blockchain and the cryptocurrency Ecosystem making better and improved upgrades to the system and technology.

Walleteum indeed intends not just to create but to develop Blockchain in the near future by the addition of all the possible services that will be provided in the blockchain network. In addition to this, another aim is to move with other Blockchain presents in the world of free world integration through the use of big data and Artificial intelligence.

Walleteum plans to unveil Multi-China in 2023 based on the support of art producers and producers, which is itself a breakthrough in the artist community to preserve their artwork.

However, in today’s time, the people can easily change their world; therefore, they require a decentralized structure so they can build their future with the help of their own votes and choices. In these modern times, centralized structures are losing their popularity. They are moving to a decentralized world steadily so the people can contribute to the successful creation of the future.

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