WARP introduced Xd — one of the most advanced chair models in the gaming market

Magnetic cushions and armrests, bold colors and a range of licensed designs. Gaming and lifestyle chair brand WARP has unveiled its new flagship line of ergonomic chairs named «Xd»

WARP, known for its highly ergonomic custom chairs, today unveiled its new flagship WARP Xd series, featuring over 8 different designs. Three of the list have been created in collaboration with famous franchises and influencers and will be unveiled at a later date. Each WARP Xd chair comes with a range of unique features not found in the vast majority of other chairs on the market.

The new flagship model is essentially an updated version of the previous flagship WARP Ze. The novelty has retained a recognizable ergonomic shape, which was created from scratch specifically for people who spend a lot of time in front of a computer. The Xd model features built-in lumbar support, padded seat cushions for comfortable seating in any position, and the iconic «ears» for extra head support.

The most eye-catching armchair from the line is WARP Xd Neon Pulse, which features bright gradient eco-leather sides.

Behind the offbeat design of Neon Pulse lies a complex work and a number of manufacturing know-hows, which made it possible to create a composite and bright gradient on premium eco-leather preserving all the properties of the material and wear resistance particularly.

In addition to gradient eco-leather, the chair is decorated with suede incuts and embroideries. The central part is made of perforated eco-leather for optimal heat exchange of the user.

The renewed model also has a number of more tranquil designs for apartments and offices. Monochrome WARP Xd Noir is made of premium black and white eco-leather with suede incuts while WARP Xd Cozy Gray instead of eco-leather is made of fabric in light and dark shades of gray with black Nappa leather incuts.

For classics lovers WARP prepared the Vintage Brown and Majestic Blue models with black suede incuts and a diamond pattern on the front.

The entire Xd line uses the most modern and advanced components, many of which are exclusive and are used only by a small number of premium brands.

One of the WARP Xd chairs key features is the magnetic cushion.
For 5 years till now, WARP flagship chairs have been equipped with exclusive magnetic headrests instead of obsolete pillows with straps. Today WARP is still one of the few brands offering this option for their clients. In addition, on the back of the backrest there are special magnetic fasteners where you can put the pillow away when it’s not used. A magnetic headrest is included with each Xd chair.

The next unique feature is the 4D armrests with metal mechanism and magnetic removable armpad. The renewed design of the WARP armrests significantly increases the durability of the armrests and makes it possible to further customize them in the future.

And of course WARP Xd is equipped with all components which are absolute must have for modern hi-end chair, including a 4th class gas-spring, an independent backrest angle adjuster mechanism, a top-gun reclining mechanism, an aluminum chair base and rubberized roller wheels, created to preserve the owners flooring.

“While designing WARP Xd series the goal was to apply all our design and industry experience to create an ultimate chair that will be appreciated not only by the gaming audience but in general by any modern chair user.” – Gleb Kadom, CBDO at WARP.

In addition to the above-described own designs, WARP is preparing at least 4 more exciting collaborations with various franchises and influencers.

The flagship Xd line will be available for purchase by the end of February 2023, along with three more licensed designs. You can pre-order the chair or subscribe to brand news at getwarp.com/en/products/xd/.

WARP is an innovative international gaming and lifestyle furniture brand with focus on creativity and ergonomics. For more information please, visit our website www.getwarp.com

WARP is an innovative international gaming and lifestyle furniture brand with focus on creativity and ergonomics. For more information please, visit our website getwarp.com


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