WatchableNFT Brings Luxury Watches into the Metaverse

The first 50 watches to launch will have a unique gold strap

WatchableNFT, which aims to bring luxury watches into the Metaverse, is releasing its very first luxury watch NFT collection with a limited “Launch” edition that will be auctioned before the main release.

The collection will be formed from 10 iconic designs, which are randomly sampled using a slot machine symbol and assembled to form a completely unique NFT for each purchase. The slot machine has five slot wheels, each representing one of five parts that the watch is made from: the strap, case, bezel, dial and hands.

To purchase a watch, buyers spin the WatchableNFT slot machine, which reveals a unique combination.

The symbols on the slot machine match up to each of the iconic watch designs and the result is a watch built from the slot machine combination. Every single possible result from the slot machine is a unique Watchable NFT that is assembled just for the buyer.

Hitting the jackpot will result in getting one of the complete original designs.

The first 50 watches will be “Launch” editions and have a unique gold strap. These will be auctioned on OpenSea ahead of the main release.

The NFT token is a central part of the collection and will form the universal token that will be used to prove ownership within any Metaverse integrations WatchableNFT makes in the future.

The WatchableNFT is a new way to collect luxury watches and a way to bring them into the Metaverse.

WatchableNFT was set up to allow a new generation of watch collector – collectors who would like to own a valuable watch and not be afraid to show it off to people for fear of it being stolen or damaged.

Visit for more information, to sign up for the release waitlist and to see images of the luxury watch NFTs.

WatchableNFT can also be followed on Instagram and Twitter at @watchablenft.

About WatchableNFT
We are watch lovers and collectors and we can’t imagine going anywhere without a watch on our wrists, so why should the Metaverse be any different? Our goal is to take these beautiful, luxury watches and make them wearable in as many Metaverses as we can. The first step on this journey is to release our creations as Watchable NFTs. This NFT will be your universal token in unlocking your very own 1/1 Watchable in any Metaverse you choose to be a part of. If you want to come with us on this journey, follow us on social media and join our waitlist.


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