Westbrook & Company Open For Pre-Registration To Help People Use Their Story To Create And Run Online Course Businesses

“Transform Your Story Into An Online Course Business” is the inaugural course offering led by Brandon Westbrook, founder of Westbrook & Company

How do you identify your personal story? Storytelling is powerful. Taking that story and turning it into a growing business that you can own is increasingly powerful. To help people get started on this journey, enter Westbrook & Company with the launch of their first course “Transform Your Story Into An Online Course Business”. Founded by Brandon Westbrook, an entrepreneur based out of Oakland, California, this online course is designed for anyone who wants to share their story with the world and package it into a business.

Brandon decided to start Westbrook & Company based on revelations about his own life story. Having been born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, followed by living in Brooklyn, NY as a young adult and transitioning to the Bay Area of California to live and work, he had a range of experiences to share. The root of that story was based on a desire and passion for entrepreneurship. While navigating the business world as a young black man, and not seeing the opportunity for entrepreneurial growth, ownership, and community be readily available for many other black professionals, Brandon decided it was time to build a platform for himself that can impact others alike.

Pre-Registration is now open and the online course is scheduled to be available in July 2021. For more information about Westbrook & Company and/or the online course offering, visit www.westbrookand.com

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