What does gaming, virtual reality and giving back have in common?

How Operation: ADULTing has reimagined the digital village.

Currently, virtual reality technology is being used to transform video games, enhance work environments and reimagine quality time.  Likewise, nonprofits around the world are augmenting their service delivery with a focus on Building Communities Back Better. One of those nonprofits is Operation: ADULTing.

Operation: ADULTing has recently partnered with cutting-edge professionals from VR Networking as a way to connect high school and college students with mentors and business leaders who can foster their growth.  Taking place at 7 pm EST on the third Wednesday of each month, these discussions bridge the divide between young adults and people who have been there, done that, and have some “rookie mistakes” to share.  No need to be a VR expert to participate; simply download the AltspaceVR app for headsets which is also available in 2D for Mac and PC to network with anyone on the globe, wherever you are on the globe.

April 20th, 2022’s VR event topic will cover; procrastination and when it can actually be a good thing

April’s AltSpaceVR’s Event Room Code is YCD419 

Operation: ADULTing’s Room Code is DGF122

If you can’t make this event, join Operation: ADULTing and VR Networking every 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7 pm to share the “rookie mistakes” you’ve learned from along the way. 

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