Why Are Loan Officers Partnering With Groves Capital – The Fastest Growing Mortgage Company In The Country?

In a crowded space, Groves Capital has carved out a unique platform that serves their clients with a hybrid lending model where they act as both broker and lender of 160 lending platforms. They have access to loans in residential and commercial, home equity, bridge loans, and fix and flip loans.

“If we can’t do it, no one can! We listen to our partners and if there is a lender out there that will help them facilitate their business, we will find them and add them. In this industry, you have to stay up with the trends and new products,” Groves Capital states.

Always one to respond to trends, Groves Capital took the changing workforce in light of the pandemic to allow both employees and clients to work virtually, from home, or from anywhere. From an employee side, Groves Capital allows their staff to work from the comfort of their own homes, ultimately allowing for a decrease in overhead, while still maintaining their exemplary level of service.

“The COVID environment grew the need for our type of model as people didn’t want to go back to their cubicle or office spaces. We built our company virtually from day one. We envisioned the shift in the industry and COVID just propelled us even quicker. We wanted to give our clients the best rates and compensate our loan officers with the most income. The low overhead allows us to be the best option for our borrowers and loan officers partners; it’s a win win!” Groves Capital remarks.

Groves Capital prides themselves on a proprietary back-end software that allows them to stay at the cutting edge of an industry that normally is very behind the times when it comes to technology.

“The focus for us has always been efficiency and simplicity in using systems to help our partnered Loan Officers to perform at the highest level possible. The more streamline the systems are, the more our partners can focus on driving more business to their pipeline,” Groves Capital says.

One of their biggest focuses moving forward is assisting and supporting clients in navigating poor credit getting in the way of them being able to owning a home. They are proud to offer creative options for self employed borrowers in particular.

“There are many people that don’t take the time to look at homes because of fear that they will not get loan approval. These people tend not to understand how finances work or how to make your situation work for you. The top two reasons people shy away from attempting to find a loan would be credit and type of employment,” Groves Capital says.

The most difficult part to learn for new borrowers is how to understand how credit works and how to best improve it.

“If you’re a first-time home buyer, having credit is important, which means having sources to create a credit history. When developing credit, financing a car, cell phone contracts and credit cards will give you credit history and score based on credit history, timely payments and credit balance compared to approved credit,” Capital Groves remarks.

With their expertise, Groves Capital is able to outline this insight, along with insight in a variety of other obstacles for their clients, especially first time borrowers.

“We focus on always having solutions for our clients to accomplish their goals with over 1,000 loan products and 160 lenders. Please reach out to have a loan consultation so we can help structure and suggest the best solution for your lifestyle and financial needs,” Groves Capital says.

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