Why should Press Releases be a part of your Marketing Strategy?

In the current era, press release marketing strategy is used by many companies, businesses, brands, and services to promote themselves among their target audience as much as they can. Press Releases are basically news stories/news articles which businesses send out to keep their audience informed about current activities. 

Let’s suppose that you are a textile brand that sells different kinds of clothes. Suppose you have introduced some new and interesting collections but want to inform your audience in a much more effective manner. In that case, you can send out a press release to news outlets, journalists, reporters, and editors enjoying massive popularity everywhere. The traditional marketing era has long gone for the good, and digital marketing is dominating worldwide. Now people can access the required services and products via digital devices without travelling all the way. Therefore, it is a great chance to avail yourself of your business and witness consistent growth and stand out tall against your competitors. Though there are many online tools, press releases have earned a special significance over the past years. Many people are wondering why they should include press releases as part of their marketing strategies.

The one who always includes press releases for marketing purposes can consider himself luckier. Compared to different kinds of traditional marketing methods, press releases have much to offer you. The following are why sending out press releases should be a part of your marketing strategy.

Sending Out Press Releases Is Always Affordable

Sending out press releases has always been affordable from past to present as compared to other marketing tools. Most of the press releases are prepared by the Public Relations department of every different company.

The only cost involved for a press release is getting it distributed by any press release service provider so that it can get the attention of media sites. Currently, there are many press release distribution services out there, but Global News Distribution is much more affordable as it offers distribution services at very low pricing, starting from $49.

Press Releases Allow You to Develop Brand Recognition

Brand Recognition is necessary for all kinds of companies, brands, products, services, etc., no matter if they are small or large. Even if your products are great in quality, everything will remain on the line if you do not let others know about you. The reason is that businesses need to be displayed in front of people as it is useless to try to run a business without informing others. People always prefer to develop solid rock business relationships with those they know.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop brand recognition which is highly possible by doing press releases. Press Releases allow you to develop an immense brand awareness as you directly share newsworthy information, updates and announcements with different news outlets. And if they find your news article worthwhile, they can publish it on their website and can also write an editorial based on your company and its services.

Your Visibility Across Search Engines Also Increases

Whenever your press release gets published across different news outlets, your company’s visibility across search engines increases as well. 

You may be wondering how this happens, Right? So whenever your press release gets featured on different sites, the links (routing towards your website) included in that press release also get published. This way, you get a lot of backlinks, ultimately contributing to the visibility across search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. If you get featured on higher Domain Authority (DA) sites, your press release will get indexed in the top rankings.

That is exactly what Global News Distribution is great at providing. By getting your press release distributed through Global News Distribution, your press release will get visibility across world-class news outlets such as Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, AP News, Market Watch, Globe Newswire, Business Insider, USA Today, Bloomberg, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and CW, etc. Besides that, this press release service is best known for providing higher rankings across Google, Yahoo, Bing and Google News.

Higher SEO and Return on Investment (ROI)

Press Releases will always benefit you with a higher Return on Investment (ROI) as people will easily be able to access your company if your press release is well optimized. An optimized PR will always appear in the top rankings, leading to higher web traffic as top results always receive more clicks. More will be the web traffic. Higher will be the lead conversions which ultimately would result in a greater Return on Investment (ROI).

Following are some other measures that will contribute to the Return on Investment (ROI):

  1. Make your press release focused on one topic.
  2. Include Multimedia (Images/Videos) to ensure that the reader is highly engaged.
  3. Press releases should be written in an easy to understand language so that it appears helpful.
  4. Focus on specific keywords related to the product of your company but do not overstuff your PR.
  5. The PR should be optimum in length and must be under AP guidelines.

You Can Manage the Reputation of Your Company and Control the Public Opinion

Marketing is responsible for bringing new prospects to your company, but reputation helps you to retain your customers and provide them with a reason to keep continue using your services. The slightest harm to your brand image can cost you an ultimate price in the form of lost credibility and trust.

But press releases allow you a chance to improve it and impart your influence by regulating public opinion. You can decide what information to include and what to avoid by focusing on displaying the positive features of your product. This way, your target audience will have positive views about your business leading to higher credibility.

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