With unemployment rising and higher job competition, Indians turning towards freelancing as a career option.

Here are some tips how you can start freelancing in India?

As the second wave of COVID hits India, unemployment is rising steadily like last year. According to a Data report, released by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, a Mumbai-based think tank, suggested that unemployment has again started rising in the country. The unemployment rate touched 8.6 percent for the week ending April 11, from just 6.7 percent two weeks ago, according to fresh data released by CMIE.

On the contrary, In another survey by bharatgigs.com, 67 percent of professionals reported experiencing high job competition to get a simple job. Survey data includes employed and freelance professionals from the software/IT, insurance, sales, and marketing field. 52 percent of professionals reported to try freelancing as a part-time option and 30 percent are either considering or have become a freelancer full-time. The survey was conducted by bharatgigs.com, a freelancer service online marketplace, based in Gurgaon, India. 

This clearly indicates that unemployment is rising and more people are switching to Freelancing as an alternate to full-time jobs. 

If you are interested to start freelancing, here are some tips from bharatgigs.com founder, you need to know: 

1. Know your Why? 

Becoming a Freelancer doesn’t mean you won’t have to work ever again. In fact, think of a freelancer as an individual business owner whose task is to help your clients get success in business and life. So, think if you Can help your clients with what are they looking for? Know that clients are also normal human beings who want to succeed in their life and business. Can you really deliver on that? 

2. Coming to HOW. Get started with creating a freelancer profile online. 

The next step is to signup on to any freelancer marketplaces like bharatgigs.com and creates your freelancer profile. 

In your profile, you can create a service offering proposal(s), which clearly describes your offerings in a package format with a clear-cut pricing model. Make it simple to understand with a clear description and sample work images. Remember it’s about the Client. A Client should understand at first glance what you offer and contact you accordingly. It is like your Business ad.

If you are good at marketing, sales, creating social media posts, there are many businesses that need freelancers to handle social media accounts, create posts, do customer support, etc. Startups and SMEs need marketing and consulting help to make their website, make youtube videos, make Instagram posts, content writing, etc. 

3. Reach out to your network. 

Besides the platform traffic, you can also reach out to your network to get initial business. You can share your profile with your network and on social media accounts to get initial traction. It is an important sales tool that many people shy away from.

After creating your profile, you get a unique shareable link like bharatgigs.com/pixelprogrammer which you can share over to your friends and family to get initial business. Once you build a reputation, you will start to get more work through your network. You never know who is interested to give you business. 

4. Clients success is your success

After receiving a work order or gig, your aim should be to deliver quality work in the given time frame. Have Clear cut-communication with the client before starting work. Discuss and plan a solution. Get Clients’ approval and start working. Communicate on every step. Ask questions if you get any doubts. People understand and trust those who are transparent in their communication. A happy client will lead to repeat customers and more referrals.

5. Grow and Repeat

With each work experience, you learn more and gain a better understanding of your craft. You can use it to grow your business and increase your prices.  


I hope this gets you are good to head start with the world of freelancing. Remember, You learn by doing it and thus the next step is always execution.
Give it a spin and get started.

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