World Footprints Founders, Tonya and Ian Fitzpatrick Recognized as Black Travel Journalists of the Year by Black Travel Summit

Silver Spring, MD – Tonya & Ian Fitzpatrick, founders of World Footprints, received the Black Travel Journalists of the Year award at the first ‘Voyage in Color’ Gala and Awards Show (VICtor Awards). The official event held in Miami on June 17, 2022 was organized by Black Travel Summit and The Black Travel Alliance to honor the accomplishments, ingenuity, and inventiveness of Black people and Black-owned businesses in the travel and tourism sector.

Black Travel Summit Founder and CEO, Anita Francois says Black people are rarely recognized for their accomplishments, and as such, it is crucial for Blacks to recognize their own success. The Black Travel Summit VICtor awards, according to Anita, have been established in line with her organization’s aim to support, promote, and amplify the voice of Black travel industry professionals, influencers, and travelers. 

The Black Travel Summit VICtor Award is set to become a staple within the Black travel community,” remarks Francois.  “It is an award for the triumphs of individuals within the Black travel space, celebrating most facets of the industry in a variety of categories, including Best Black Travel Organization/Brand of the Year, Black Travel Agent of the Year, Black Travel Journalist of the Year, Black Travel Influencer/Creator of the Year, and Best Travel Short of the Year.”

Expressing their happiness on getting the Black Travel Summit Journalists of the Year VICtor awards, the Fitzpatricks share that it is indeed encouraging to know that their work is appreciated. The Fitzpatricks are steadfast in their commitment to provide a platform for all voices to be heard in the travel space and for sharing complete narratives because of the importance that such stories have for personal development and intercultural understanding.

We are glad and really grateful to know that the work we do is recognized as exceptional and innovative.” remarks World Footprints CEO and Co-founder Tonya Fitzpatrick. “We understand that dispelling false beliefs that continue to polarize our globe requires spreading the truth about people and places.”

“By sharing impactful and truthful travel narratives on our platforms, we want to advance growth and cross-cultural understanding, and with recognitions like that of the Black Travel Summit Awards, we are inspired to go even harder.”  adds World Footprints Co-founders and Chief Strategic Officer, Ian Fitzpatrick.

World Footprints shares untold narratives and has explored places that push travelers beyond their comfort zones by opening a window to the world through powerful written and audio storytelling. World Footprints partners with a number of non-profit and advocacy groups such as the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking.  It has featured world figures, thought leaders and celebrities, such as the late Maya Angelou, Jack Hanna, Bobby Kennedy, Jr., Ken Burns, chef Cat Cora and others to share unique insights on places and people.

About World Footprints

Based in Silver Spring, Maryland, World Footprints is a heart-centered Social Impact Travel Media Company where travelers of conscience and culture can come for information, education and inspiration in the travel space. Travel, culture, history and social impact are foundational to World Footprints. Alongside its official website, World Footprints shares impactful travel stories through multimedia platforms like Podcast and YouTube. In fact, the multi award-winning World Footprints podcast is the cornerstone of the socially conscious company.

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