World’s first Green Energy based Cryptocurrency Launched!

Let’s make something which can change everything. TELRON is working to develop systems that will help visualise the morphology of renewable energy shortly. Our goal is to build an ecosystem where renewable energy is available to all stakeholders.

TELRON aims to maximise the capabilities of blockchain technology, especially its essential reliability. In light of the recent trends in decentralisation and digitisation in the department of Energy, we consider the urgent need for decarbonisation in society. The energy sector revolutionises with the implementation of blockchain. The enterprise TELRON BLOCKCHAIN has established itself as a future technology that will drive the energy sector’s growth through system interoperability and intelligent contracts. At TELRON we have begun an experimental project using blockchain to guarantee that energy produced and consumed is 100% renewable in real-time. With this technology, we have managed to merge the environment where electricity is generated to a particular point of consumption that allows the energy source to be traced. This improves transparency and ultimately promotes the use of renewable energy.

TELRON has launched its token named TLR. TLR is a green energy-based token. It represents renewable energy to safeguard the environmental properties. Investors can invest directly in TLR by visiting the website  

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