World’s First Student-Led Global Event on Mental Health & Climate Change

Students take their future into their own hands by uniting artists, leaders, experts, and activists to discuss The Impact of Climate Change On Mental Health.

In light of the recent IPCC report on the human impacts of climate change, the upcoming G20 climate summit and COP26, the London based organisation World Citizen Artists (WCA) is empowering students to organise a ground-breaking global event in partnership with the World Federation for Mental Health, artists, university associations, and nonprofit organisations.

The two-day online global event is sponsored by World Citizen Artists (WCA), Bristol Students Union, and S&P Global. It will kick off on Saturday November 6th at 2pm on Hopin. The lineup includes panel discussions where students, experts, leaders, activists, and TED speakers will discuss the impact of climate change on people’s psychological well-being.

“Climate change and mental health are global challenges we all face. Empowering the new generation with real-world experience and knowledge means empowering our future. Artists from our community are very supportive of the next generation and it’s been amazing to see students, creatives, leaders, experts and activists getting together to share their common goals. This shows the world can come together no matter what our differences. We should give a chance to the next generation, and help them succeed” – says Valerie Won Lee, founder of WCA.

“At S&P Global, we have witnessed first-hand a growing concern among organisations and investors about the impacts of climate change, with ‘climate anxiety’ presenting a growing threat to mental health”, says Michael Wilkins, Senior Research Fellow, Sustainable Finance at S&P Global Ratings. “To combat this, education is key. This is why we are proud to sponsor this year’s World Citizen Society Global Event, which looks to arm the new generation with the tools and support necessary to cope with change.”

Panelists include Elizabeth Wathuti, Kenyan environmental and climate activist and founder of the Green Generation Initiative. The organisation has planted 30,000 tree seedlings in Kenya. Multi-millionaire tycoon and founder of the World Toilet Organisation, Jack Sim will also be joining one of the panel discussions along with Oxford and Bristol students, as will Claire Gao Pei, climate, sustainability, and energy Representative of the Y20, U.S. delegation to the G20 Youth Summit.

Miss Environment Africa Nazarene University 2021, Fionah Njeri will be joining the interview with international Maori Artist George Nuku.

Musicians, including Colombian artist Marta Gomez, will be performing at the event, using their creative talents to give voice to the challenges humanity is facing.

The event will also offer virtual face to face networking opportunities and discussions on climate change and mental health, and there will be a students’ chill out lounge and an artists’ lounge. The aim is to encourage interaction and constructive debate so that students can learn more about real-world experience from professionals, artists, and activists — and reflect on their role and action when it comes to changing our future.

“As a student at the university of Bristol, I have been volunteering for WCA (on the event) for eight months now. Within this space of time, I’ve learned the leadership skills that I’ve sought elsewhere, but not found. I have willingly been pushed outside of my comfort zone, and have learned the communication skills required in situations I will find myself in for the rest of my working life. I’ve connected with the individuals who have founded the organisations responsible for social change. This has made me realise that all it takes is the courage and motivation to speak up, to create big things. With the skills that I’ve acquired, I now feel empowered with the knowledge that I’m able to fight for social justice” – says Emelye Goult, WCA sponsorship coordinator

Event tickets:
Early Bird Ticket: Free
Public Ticket: $39
Student Ticket: $5
Artists Ticket: $5
Inclusive Ticket: $5

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