Yadea High-performance E-mobility Won German 2023 Red Dot Awards and the iF DESIGN AWARDs

Yadea (01585.HK), a global leading brand of developing and manufacturing two-wheeler electric vehicles, won four international product design awards, namely two Red Dot Awards and two iF DESIGN AWARDs. After winning IDEA awards in 2022, Yadea became a winner brand again. The winners are Yadea E-motorcycle KEENESS, Yadea S9 and Yadea Scooter ElitePrime. These three new e-mobility products stood out among many entries with their advanced aesthetic design, excellent user experience and environmental protection concept.

The Red Dot Award is a German award that recognizes products with outstanding design and high industry impact. The iF DESIGN AWARD is recognized as an arbiter of excellent design and is one of the most important design awards in the world.

Yadea KEENESS is equipped with a 10kW mid-drive motor, with a top speed of 100km/h and an acceleration of 0-50km/h in 4 seconds. The battery is equipped with a smart energy retrieving system to enhance power and extend the battery life, and once charge can run more than 100km.

As the 2023 hero product, the Yadea ElitePrime is a powerful, safe and foldable SUV-like e-scooter with high performance, allowing you to conquer all road conditions. Yadea ElitePrime equipped with a motor with a peak power of 1500W. And it can achieve 30% climbing gradients and has a excellent front and rear shock absorption structure. Meanwhile, Yadea announced its global launch through the Indiegogo crowdfunding with its super early bird price last month.

Yadea S9 is an e-bike with super long battery life and can easily drive more than 150km. It uses the TTFAR carbon fiber 2.0 lithium battery first created by Yadea. This battery uses square laminated cells and compact PACK technology, and its capacity is 100% higher than ordinary lithium battery. In addition, the motor rated power of Yadea S9 can reach 1000W, which has a strong starting acceleration capability.

Yadea’s products range mainly covering high-performance electric motorcycles, electric mopeds, electric bicycles, and electric kick scooters. Yadea has provided e-mobility products and services to 70 million users in over 100 countries and regions and built a network of 40,000+ retailers worldwide.

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