Youthify face yoga in Hawaii offers alternative techniques to fight aging

Enrollment opens for April class series.

Hawaii’s premier mindfulness institute, Happiness U, offers private sessions and group classes, and has decided to continue the division that specializes in face yoga class.

The Youthify Face Club is a four-week foundational course that teaches empowering and proven techniques that strengthens muscular and skin systems and supports the lymphatic system. Face yoga is a series of facial massages that include moving and isolating facial muscles to tone and exercise. The course on zoom begins on Sunday, April 2 and continues for the next three Sundays. It is open to glow getters worldwide. Go here to register:

The April Foundation Course cost is $249 and includes course attendance and video recording of each class, follow-along facial exercises, master video for a full facial workout, charts and handouts, a dry brush, facial oil, plus Gua Sha and roller set. Additional weekly exercise classes are available for $20 per workout.

The program has some really positive side effects: it improves mental health and creates a deeper connection between the body and spirit. The class differs from a body yoga class in that it also offers in-depth knowledge of the skin, lymphatic and muscle systems. Attendees leave the class feeling healthier, happier and smarter. The benefits include these: increased blood circulation, increased collagen and elastin, diminishing of fine lines, softening skin, reducing puffiness and even improved posture.

The class creator is Alice Inoue. When she turned 50, she noticed jowls were forming around her mouth and her eyelids were drooping. The once fitness model who posed on the cover of magazines in bikinis and former television anchor struggled with her own happiness in aging. The Chinese-American who lived in Taiwan, Japan and Hawaii for the last 30 years had overcome obesity, became a columnist who authored 8 books on happiness and launched Hawaii’s leading mindfulness institute called Happiness U.

Her personal journey led to Happiness U’s latest division called Youthify Face Club, which launched as a way for friends and family to connect over a shared desire to face aging without the crutches of botox or fillers and their long-term side effects. She’s brought Face Yoga, or facial exercise, as a noninvasive and nosurgical anti-aging beauty treatment, to Hawaii.

Alice professes that this class is not just for those who shy away from anti-aging injections, it’s also for those who utilize them. “One of the long-term side effects of botox is hastened muscle atrophy and weakness,” she says. “Injections send a message to your muscles to paralyze. So Stronger facial muscles are a benefit to everyone.”

“Our relationship with our face is tepid at best,” says Alice Inoue, Happiness U Founder and Facial Yoga Instructor. “Ask anyone if they like their face and everyone has some feature they dislike. Society has led us to feel imperfect and have a negative relationship with our face. Youthify not only makes you look better, it activates a love of self.”

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Launched in 2013, Happiness U has cultivated success for more than 150 organizations and more than 6,000 people in Hawaii through Happiness University. More and more organizations are turning to Happiness U to increase workplace engagement and collaboration, build employee loyalty and increase life satisfaction, which has a direct correlation to on-the-job performance. The company has carved a new path for the professional development and corporate wellness field in Hawaii and brought an integrated approach to the mainstream that has captured the hearts of organizations with proven results.

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