Yung Dub D’s Biography, His Age, Music

Dallas, Texas, United States, Dec. 31, 2021 (Global News Distribution) — Yung Dub D is a sensational rising multi-talented rapper. Despite the hardships that budding hip hop artists face in the music industry, Yung Dub D has proven otherwise, and his music is skyrocketing.

Thanks to hard work, passion, talent, and determination, Yung Dub D’s music has received so much appreciation from the public. It is safe to say that Yung Dub D is already taking the music industry by storm.

Yung Dub D’s Biography

He is a rapper born in the United States, modern generation rapper, and a producer. He is famous for hits like ‘In My Head,’ ‘Alligator Lizard,’ and ‘Hush.’

Yung Dub D raps his music revolving around his real-life experiences, which is one reason why he has a considerable following. According to some fans, every line in Yung Dub D’s music evokes emotions in the person listening.

He draws inspiration from the legendary Michael Jackson because everything he did while alive left a massive mark in the music industry. Yung Dub D also draws inspiration from Stevie, a musical genius, and Lil Wayne because he makes things better.

He has quite a substantial following. For instance, he has over 39 thousand followers on his Instagram account. Not much is out there about his personal life- like his girlfriend, sisters, or brothers. He is, however, known to have two parents Dawn and Donald Battee.

Yung Dub D’s Age

He was born in 1990, which made this rapper 31 years at writing this. He is also a 5.7 feet tall man, very humble, and respects everyone.

Yung Dub D was born in Dallas, and his real name is Kedric Dewon Battee. When he was six, Yung Dub D lost his father, and according to him, his old man’s death is the main inspiration to why he decided to be a rapper.

While growing up back in Dallas, the rapper was exposed to different genres of music. His parents were very fond of listening to music which is one of the many reasons why he is a talented hip-hop artist now.

His Music

One thing that makes Yung Dub D’s music unique is that he writes his own music from first-hand experience. We all love emotional music, which Dub D’s music gives – lots of emotions.

His main goal when writing music is to make the listener come back for more of him. This is one of the reasons why he chooses to work with songs that ignite different emotions.

He has worked alongside DJ Tom Cruise, DJ Official, DJ Mad Lurk, DJ Cinemax. This exposure makes his music interesting and unique, even though he is a budding artist.

Apart from inspiring and encouraging his regular fans, his music is also geared towards inspiring independent musicians. He frequently posts teasers of his sensational music now and then.

Yung Dub D intends to have his music reach a global audience in the coming few years. From his hard work and determination, the artist is definitely going to have the global audience he wishes to have.

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