Yvette Rose, CEO of Joule Goddess, Announces First of its Kind Nutrition Bars for Women’s Hormonal and Digestive Health

Each Keto and Paleo-Friendly, Plant Based and Gluten-Free Joule Bar Contains Eight Plant-Based Nutrients

Yvette Rose, CEO of Joule Goddess, is pleased to announce a new line of nutrition bars for women that are formulated to help with hormonal and digestive health.

To learn more about the first of its kind Joule Bars and/or to place an order, please visit https://joulegoddess.com/collections/all.

As a company spokesperson noted, Yvette, who is a Board-Certified Holistic Gut Health Coach and the founder of the first nationwide e-commerce food delivery company, Joulebody Cleanse, took over 11 years to formulate the Joule Bars. The bars were part of the cleanse and Yvette used feedback about the bars as part of her market research. While she has always been passionate about her health, Yvette became interested in the importance of mind health after her first-born son displayed some developmental challenges.

After researching the link between the gut and the brain, Yvette was inspired to create an on-the-go nutritional bar that is not only plant based, and keto and paleo-friendly, but also includes natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that can help with repairing and rejuvenating the gut.

“On-the-go foods can be disruptive to women’s gut microbiota causing bloat, hormone imbalances and foggy brain,” the spokesperson noted, adding that many traditional bars can quickly go from an “energy bar” to causing people who eat them to feel lethargic and bloated.

Each Joule Bar from Joule Goddess is gluten-free, filled with eight key brain nutrients, over nine grams of protein and all-natural, plant-based ingredients including chia seeds, flax seeds, MCT oil, fennel and hemp seeds. As Yvette noted, these patent-pending ingredients have been backed by practitioners and researchers alike for their ability to improve the gut’s microbiota.

Customers may select from two tasty formulas: Earthy Energy, which features bittersweet cacao and cascara along with turmeric-which has been found to relieve inflammation in the gut, which is the number one cause of most diseases-and other ingredients and Fiery Focus with a mix of ginger and goji that can support memory and cognitive function.

Shoppers may purchase the Joule Bars by the box, or subscribe for on-going deliveries of either flavor, or a combination of both.

Yvette said she is humbled by the overwhelming response to her Joule Bars, including the number of positive reviews that customers are posting to the Joule Goddess website.

For example, Caroline P. wrote that while she normally does not like energy bars because she finds them to be too sweet or sticky, the Joule Bars are not like this at all.

“They are not too sweet (just a hint) and have a nice texture with some crunchy seeds in. And they feel light and clean afterwards,” Caroline noted in her review.

About Joule Goddess:

Yvette Rose is the CEO of Joule Goddess, a brand that was created to help women hack their gut-mind connection. Since 2009, Yvette has been making products and offering programs and services to support women’s stronger bodies and powerful minds. To learn more, please visit: https://joulegoddess.com/collections/all


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