ZorForum Awards Third Franchise to Fractional CMO Eric Mayers

Marketing and Brand Strategy Expert Joins Peer Sharing and Networking Franchise as Franchisee #3

ZorForum, a “first-of-its-kind” peer sharing and networking franchise connecting emerging franchisors with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to thrive, recently announced that Eric Mayers, a leading franchise marketing expert, consultant, and Fractional CMO with more than 15 years of experience, has been awarded their third franchise.

Though not a newcomer to marketing at the ripe old age of 38, Eric is relatively fresh to the franchising space. His first experience in franchising was as a franchisee with an emerging franchise brand that had some success. However, his franchisor ultimately succumbed to one of franchising’s dreaded blind spots, the kind that ZorForum helps its members avoid.

“To paraphrase a saying from one of my mentors, Willie Jolley, a setback isn’t a death sentence,” said Mayers. “A setback can be a setup for a comeback… it all depends on how you look at it. The world of Franchising is full of unknowns, blind spots, and proverbial landmines. I firmly believe that any Franchise Executive can benefit from the ability to tap into the collective knowledge, experiences, and new perspectives from peers who are also navigating their way to franchising success. ZorForum gives its members exactly that, access to the support, the accountability, and the community they’ll need to minimize the potential for failure and maximize the potential for franchising success.”

According to Stan Friedman, ZorForum Co-Founder and Managing Member, “Eric Mayers is the perfect fit as franchisee #3.”

“Eric has the empathy required to help others succeed and the passion to help others avoid some of the mistakes made by his previous franchisor,” said Friedman. “ZorForum is built to tap into the distinct advantages that diverse perspectives give and that goes for our Members and our Franchisees, more commonly known as ‘Moderators.’ It’s the job of a ZorForum Moderator to help facilitate the flow of the meeting so that it pulls the best out of everyone and maximizes the value for each of the members. I’ve personally seen Eric get the best out of Franchise Executives and have every confidence in his ability to do so for ZorForum members as well.”

With Mayers on board, Friedman, along with Dave Pazgan and Graham Chapman, his fellow ZorForum Co-Founders and Managing Members, believes that applications for franchises and peer group membership will continue to rise. The trio of founders expect to build on ZorForum’s successful launch by awarding several more franchises in Q4 and recruiting 200+ members by the end of 2021.

“There has been a steady stream of inquiries for the past couple of months as more and more people are hearing about ZorForum,” said Friedman. “I’m already speaking with dozens of emerging franchise leaders about becoming members, and many of my peers have expressed interest in moderating their own ZorForum groups. Collectively, we’re building a vibrant and inclusive community that fills a void for emerging franchisors, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

For more information about ZorForum, please go to https://zorforum.com/.

For emerging franchisors interested in joining a ZorForum group, please go to https://zorforum.com/#waiting-list.

For experienced franchise professionals interested in ZorForum franchise opportunities, please go to https://zorforum.com/become-a-franchisee.


About ZorForum

ZorForum was originally conceived in 2013 as a “meeting of the minds” executive group by a collection of emerging franchisors interested in helping one another. Dave Pazgan was part of that group. Today, Graham Chapman and Stan Friedman have joined Pazgan and morphed ZorForum into a network of peer groups custom-built for emerging franchisors. These groups, moderated by ZorForum franchisees, all industry pros themselves, will participate in monthly Forum style peer meetings that also feature networking opportunities for its members. Collectively, ZorForum will provide unparalleled access to the best practices and the brightest minds within the franchising space. Monthly virtual meetings will feature networking, deep dives, and guest speakers. Ongoing communications, and a growing library of cloud-based, intellectual capital, will be shared via a private platform.

ZorForum is currently offering franchise opportunities to industry veterans eager to lead their own ZorForum mastermind groups. Through expansive, but well-vetted, recruitment efforts, ZorForum plans to award multiple franchises to these passionate luminaries and grow their membership base to 200+ by January 2022.

For more information about ZorForum, please go to https://zorforum.com/.

SOURCE: ZorForum

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